PB& Seattle

Budweiser: A Brand From The Backyard





Big mass beer brands don’t traditionally do well in craft-beer loving areas of the world. Until the people in those craft-loving areas realize that very same big beer is actually sourced and crafted from hops in their very own backyard.

For 6 generations or more, families from the craft-beer loving Northwest have been growing the choicest hops especially for Budweiser. And after all that time, we thought it was time to not just shine a light on that very fact, but allow people to experience it themselves.


To celebrate the Northwest’s role in making The Great American Lager – we enabled people to go hands-on in the process of harvesting and brewing their very own Bud.


An ode to the families that make the brand what it is, this story celebrates the deep relationships forged through a giant brand,
often misperceived as impersonal.