PB& Seattle

Budweiser: America is in Your Hands




At a time when the definition of America is being challenged and individual values and pursuits have been questioned, we capitalized on that opportunity to connect Budweiser with a progressive and independently minded part of the country, using the brand’s values as an authentic platform.

Budweiser has always celebrated people who relentlessly pursue their passions and follow their dreams. The Northwest has a heritage of breeding those pioneers and change-makers. And America has always been shaped by exactly those kinds of individuals.


BUDWEISER GARNERED over 11.5MM unpaid media impressions and over 11,000 minutes of watch time.

This series told the stories of the ‘emerging’ talent shaping the culture of their communities and the country through their passions. Spotlighted in Adweek and Creativity, among others, we created a strong narrative that proved no matter who you are, every individual pursuit – from Augustus Busch and beyond - leaves a mark that builds and shapes our country for the better.