PB& Seattle

Visit Seattle: Celebrating A City Of Inclusion





Seattle has always been a progressive city.  A city where inclusiveness is just part of the DNA. Suffice it to say,
in the past year, Seattle’s welcoming spirit has gone from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a critical calling for many people.  

And we didn’t want to shy away from that fact.


In Seattle, every single one of us is welcome.

As the initial news of the travel ban came down, we captured the city’s real response as residents all went outside on one night,
in solidarity, to shine a light in support of immigrants and refugees. 36 hours later we released a film that showcased that spirit of the city, coinciding with the city’s lawsuit filed against the administration to halt the ban.


Pride is more than a parade or a month. In Seattle, it’s a way of life.

Seattle is a city committed to forward thinking, inclusion and acceptance.
So, when June was not officially recognized as LGBTQ Pride Month, we took the opportunity to affirm Seattle’s longstanding spirit of inclusion.


People responded.

We drove over 100K social engagements, nearly 400K views and over 87 days’ worth of watch time (126,000 minutes) in just 30 days– largely from people outside the city.